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Terms and conditions are applied to all Tree Multisoft Customers after the services subscription including any other commercial partner subscription. With the subscription of Tree Multisoft Services, You agree with the Terms and conditions and policies listed further.

Tree Multisoft Services offers all reasonable efforts. These efforts are done to give quality service to the clients. Use of Tree Multisoft services contains the agreement to all the terms and conditions.

We use all the information about the clients only to provide contracted services. This information collects the owed fees and does not disclose to any other such as third parties. The important information of customer for using our services need the name, comments, address, business name in marketing documents. To withdraw the authorization from Tree Multisoft, the customer can contact or write the notice.

Hosting accounts
Hosting accounts are for website hosting and email purpose. Id any account will be run out of game server or IRC server or bot will be immediately terminated.

Late Payment
If the payment will not be submitted on time then the service will be interrupted. If the services are about to end and need to renew then a notification will be sent to customers. If in case the customer does not complete the payment within 1 week then services will no more provide.

Payment obligation
After the activation of the account, Tree Multisoft reserves space and resources for the needs of clients. Customer must pay the account at any situation even he is not using it.

Guaranteed Hardware Replacement
The guarantee of hardware replacement is for customers of Tree Multisoft Services. If the hardware gets any problem then it will be replaced.

Shared Hosting
For the backup mechanism, we make all possible efforts. We try fully to keep all shared hosting solutions backup copies. For any emergency cases, the customer needs to keep backup personally of software, databases, sites and other hosted content. We will not be responsible if any data loss or data corruption happened.

Responsibility for the Content
All Clients will be responsible for their serving and content stored.

Any customer who signs up for an account will be responsible for it. If the customer does not want to take responsibilities for payment they need to contact Tree Multisoft soon.

Changes & Rights
Tree Multisoft may change these terms and rules with time. The customer must respect and comply with the required information which we may impose with time and notice.

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