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1. Introduction
We Tree Multisoft Services, safely protect the data which we collect concerning you. With our Privacy Policy, you agree to use of the protected data that we had collected in accordance. Your information is collected minimum in our data collections. These min amounts of Information are commensurate to provide you with services with satisfactory outcomes.

2. Information Collection
The information given by you according to your transaction type may be collected such as your name, telephone number, address, email address and fax number and the other usable data of the website. Other information can be needed anytime for processing a request which will be also collected. This information will be indicated on the website.

3. Information Use
Basically, the information is collected to complete the task for what you have visited on the website. For this information, the precautions will be taken to prevent you from unauthorized access. Also, the safety process may ask you to give additional identity forms to obtain your account details.

4. Disclosing Information
Our privacy policy does not allow us to disclose your personal information to third parties which we obtain from the website. The information is used to contact you and inform you of the necessary updated and data. You can remove yourself from any contacting way such as mail.

5. Cookies
The internet browser stores small files called cookies. These cookies collect information that helps any website to recognize your account details and other information. Our website uses this feature to provide you with all the features and a good experience. If you will prevent your system from collecting information through cookies then some website functionalities may not work.

6. Policy changes
If any changes will be in our Privacy Policy, then those changes will be placed here. The steps will be reasonable to take your attention with any policy changes. We suggest you read our policies before using the website so that you can ensure your approval with our policies.

7. Contact us
For any query about privacy policy or any other queries about your collected information, so please contact us.

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