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The number of selected inbound links to your website from other trustworthy sites—that your site has is referred to as domain authority (DA). Your DA depends upon these backlinks.

In simpler words, the Domain Authority (DA) of a website is the scorecard that defines its authority in the online world. This informs you about the traffic on your website and how higher your website would rank in the search engines. If your website receives a higher traffic rate your DA score will automatically get enhanced.

The Domain Authority metric was designed by Moz to assist businesses in determining where they might rank in search engine results pages (SERPs). They use numerous factors, such as connecting root domains and the number of total links, to calculate a single DA score for a website. If you want to measure the ranking strength of a website just analyze your DA and you would get your results easily. Some brands appear to be authoritative without even trying. This is because of the keywords used on their pages that are benefitting them with a higher DA score.

The higher the ranking from 0-100, the better results you have for your website. This tells you at what ranking your website would appear in the search list over the internet. Domain authority is an algorithm scaling where it’s easy while you rank your website from 20-30 DA score but as you move ahead to the score of 70-80 it becomes difficult. Here are some tips for how to get a higher DA score for your website.

Working on Off-Page SEO is a must

The most significant statistic is the backlink graph. If you have a strong link profile built up already then you will have great advantages of having higher domain authority than the website that has a bad link profile. For this, you need to gather high-quality backlinks from trusted websites for your benefit. That was one of the trickiest and most difficult aspects of SEO.

Link building can be a difficult task for beginners as it has a lot of things to cover and implement.

On-Page SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Your On-page SEO is the further step towards building a great DA score for your website. For this, you need to work on creating good quality content for your website and optimize it efficiently.

The first step is enhancing your on-page SEO, for which the below factors are necessary:

  • Relevant and optimised titles and descriptions.
  • Make use of H1 and H2 tag in your content, as well as SEO-friendly permalinks.
  • Your website Image, video, and other content online should be optimised.
  • Use keyword effectively into your blogs and articles for better ranking.
  • Internal links are one of the good options for your articles.
Mobile-Friendly Website

For today’s generation smartphones have brought a great transformation. We are always on mobiles for anything we require. From buying a small gift for anyone to deciding on your financial aspects everything’s over your phones. So if you lose the chance to please your customers here you lose a big opportunity. A must-have is a mobile-friendly website. Now you may wonder why, so here are some reasons for your question.

  • Mobile searches increasingly outnumber computer searches.
  • The majority of consumers begin their research on their phones and then proceed on their computers.
  • Mobile compatibility is an advertising strategy to appear in top searches.
  • The absence of a responsive version of your website gives a negative impact on your viewers.
Enhanced Page Speed

Site speed is among the well-known ‘signals' of the Search ranking algorithm. Sites that load quickly get an advantage over others that take a long time to load.

Not only improving your website load speed help your SERPs and domain authority, but it will also meet consumer needs, leading to increased purchases, queries, and lead generation.


Lastly, don't just become overly concerned with your website score. It's just a score that shows your site's strength compared to other domains in the Moz database. A high DA score suggests whether you're on the right course, but it's merely a guess; it doesn't guarantee that your rankings or traffic will improve.

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How Tree Multisoft Helps You?

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