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best free keywords research tools
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A keyword research tool is required. You believe it'll be simple and run a Google search. Then you'll notice that there have been keyword tools for PPC and SEO. Keywords that are both long-tail and broad. Keywords for digital networking. Questions. Prepositions. Suggestion-based tools. Tools for SERP, site, and competitor analysis.

One must use the right tool when you need to do successful keyword research, identify the best keywords, and boost your site's SEO. How do you determine which tools, algorithms, and competition are right for you when new ones are offered every day?

Here is a list of keywords research tools that would help you execute your keyword research efficiently. Coming to the one aspect and thereby listing few tools that are the best free keyword research tools for PPC.

WordStream's Free Keyword Tool

All you need to do is enter a term or URL into WordStream's Free Keyword Tool, and you will easily get the relevant long-tail keywords for use, along with their search volume, competitive level, and CPC for both Google and Bing. You can categorize them on the basis of industry and locations, adhering to this would return you 25 keywords immediately. Simply enter your email address to receive the complete list, which will be given to you for free.

Google’s Keyword Planner

Enter one or more keywords in the search bar in Google’s Keyword Planner, and you will get the relevant keywords you searched. It also gives you similar keyword results in a month. Along with the Google Ads account, it is completely free.

Microsoft Keyword Planner

The Microsoft Keyword Planner Tool has an inbuilt Excel plugin that let you enter a list of keywords and in results give you a list of relevant keyword suggestions, with volume, number of clicks, searches, and other data as well.


Keyworddit looks for keywords in Reddit posts, headlines, and replies and tells you how popular they are. Some posts are quite popular, such as r/funny, while others, such as r/business owners, are quite specific.

This application doesn't allow you to type in a specific term; instead, you select a subreddit, and the computer collects terms from comment threads in that subreddit.


Soovle will give you far more popular searches for that topic across 16 other search engines, including Google, Bing, YouTube, Amazon, eBay,,, Walmart, and more.

You may customize the tool to only display you those search engines you wish to see, drag phrases into a stored suggestions box, and click on any one query to be taken to the platform's SERP.

While it doesn't provide data on volumes, competitiveness, or price, it's useful for coming up with content ideas and, in certain situations, determining intent. It is completely free.

Google Search Console

Google Search Console for SEO is basically for targeted keywords. In the left sidebar, choose "Search results," then you'll see the top searches which contribute to your site appearing in the SERP, along with views, engagements, click-through rate, and rank for each.

After that, you may filter by URL to discover how successful your keyword targeting is. The additional queries can then be entered into a keyword research tool to check if they should be included in your content.

Semrush is available in a free version

The complete version of Semrush will be discussed later, however, the free version gives basic relevant keywords such as frequency, difficulty, and CPC. This is most likely the best free version of a paid target keyword available.

Semrush provides the most comprehensive keyword database available. There are more than 20 billion terms in much more than 140 worldwide databases, resulting in an endless supply of ideas.

Keyword Tool generates long-tail keyword recommendations for any query using Google autocomplete (which leverages search behavior and statistics). Normally, Google autocomplete only provides approximately five possibilities, however, this tool displays the hundreds of options accessible.


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How Tree Multisoft Helps You?

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